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I love the overall comfort of the 'BRYTE BED' – it feels like I never need to move once I go to sleep. The Dynamic Lull is magical. I believe I have always fallen asleep before it ends. 


My wife is an inferno when she sleeps. I call her Thermonuclear Woman. She's been asleep for an hour and a few minutes ago I noticed the fans were on (so silent that they've probably been on for a while). I go over and check the temp on her side of the bed and it's not hot at all. Totally cool and controlled. It's almost bizarre. AMAZING.


It is the most comfortable bed ever - it is literally the best invention. I slept in a regular bed last night and not only did I have a horrible sleep, I have a headache and that never happens with the BRYTE Bed.


I actually look forward to getting into my bed as an experience and one of the best parts of my day - not in an exhausted and ready for bed kind of way, but a genuine feeling of going to my happy place. Totally different than anything before.


The lull is the single most feature I look forward to because it helps me fall asleep and that is HUGE.


The lull is so relaxing. It feels like the bed is breathing. I find I can rest in one position for a longer time without feeling like I need to toss and turn. I don't really notice the active coils so much. I just know that the firmness always seems to be just right.


Wow, this bed does a lot. The lull is so nice.


I like the firmness of the bed and all that it does. I just did a demo at Sleep Number and I could hear the bed when it adjusted - I can't hear anything on your bed.


This bed does a lot for this price. I like that you can adjust the firmness.


This is the coolest bed Ive ever seen or experienced.


This feels like it's molding to me. That's amazing that it can control your temperature. Wow, whoever thought of building a bed like this is brilliant. I just started shopping for a bed, but I already know I want to have this one. I'll be back when I get closer to moving into my new place.


She likes it really warm and it's nice to have a cool feeling when you're sleeping.


It's literally like customized to my every move. It's fantastic!


I like to start warm and then as the night goes on I get hot, so I need to cool down.


If I had to explain what that experience was like, I'd simply say "just for me".

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SUE - Seattle, WA

We are really enjoying our new BRYTE bed. It has been 2 weeks now, and the bed has settled into my sleep patterns quite nicely. I find I’m using the Wave function most often, as it adds another dimension to the restful environment. It is now my go to place for midday breaks as well.

Compared to our old bed, which was a high-quality foam bed on the firmer side, our BRYTE bed is immediately cozy, similar to our old bed. It was a newer bed, and was carefully chosen just a few years ago. However, the added capability of adjustable firmness, temperature control, and the wave really put it over the top. I love the simple interface with Aiden, with the few questions, and ease of input. My husband also sees the improvement over our previous bed. He’s not one for many words, but heartily acknowledges its comfort. I don’t even know how much he uses the other features, but he certainly loves the bed.

The wave is so relaxing. It feels like the bed is breathing. I find I can rest in one position for a longer time without feeling like I need to toss and turn. I don’t really notice the active coils so much. I just know that the firmness always seems to be just right.

All in all, we are loving our new bed. It is truly a sanctuary for us, at any time we need to rest, not just nighttime. It is luxurious and peaceful, a perfect nest.

NANCY - Vancouver

My daughter has been sleeping in the BRYTE Bed with me for the past few months. My husband decided he wanted to try the BRYTE Bed. He is someone who takes benedryl or some sort of natural sleep medication as he has always struggled to fall asleep. Last night he did not take any drugs. I turned the wave on and he was asleep in less than a minute, before me, and that NEVER happens. Also, for the first time in our 17 years of marriage, he did not snore AT ALL. He slept soundly and straight through the night. I normally am woken up several times throughout the night from his snoring, but this morning I popped out of bed with tons of energy as I had slept straight through the night uninterrupted.

Live Reviews of the BRYTE BED

"It feels like a nice, gentle wave going up and down my body."


"I can definitely feel the difference. This side is much warmer (that would be my wife's side) and this side is cooler."


"I think what makes this bed so comfortable is the ability to adjust the firmness so it feels like i'm supported."