A breakthrough sleep experience, crafted just for you.

We’ve reimagined everything

For relaxing and restorative rest and with the help of our app and AIDEN--your personal sleep concierge--see how our patented technologies redesign, and continuously optimize, the sleep experience.

Personal Sleep Assist

Gently lulls you to sleep.

Dynamic Temperature

Cool when you want it.
Warm when you need it.

Active Coils

Customized support while you sleep.

Keeps you at the perfect temperature

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Keeps you at the perfect temperature

The BRYTE BED’s Dynamic Temperature™ actively cools and warms, and allows AIDEN to optimize and manage your body temperature throughout the night using science-based algorithms, keeping you in a longer, deeper and more restful sleep.

Keeping you comfortable and supported

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Keeping you comfortable and supported

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The BRYTE BED’s Dynamic Coils™, allow AIDEN to actively adjust your support throughout the night. Dynamic Coils cradle and conform to different body types and sleeping positions, dynamically adjusting to relieve pressure points to minimize disruptions and maximize your sleep quality.

Learns + improves

Night after night

The Science of personal sleep

Developed by leading sleep researchers

Temperature, meditation, relaxation techniques, and light all impact your body’s readiness for sleep. Controlling these aspects of your bed and sleep environment can reduce cortisol and stimulate melatonin release (part of your circadian rhythm), helping you fall asleep faster.

Going back to our natural state when our ancestors woke to the warmth and natural rising of the sun, warming your core body temperature naturally lifts the body’s circadian rhythm out of sleep. Bright light helps wake you naturally by suppressing melatonin in the morning, which increases cortisol and further energizes you. And when you wake naturally, before your alarm, you will feel more refreshed and energized.

Deep Sleep, also known as “slow-wave sleep”, is a restorative state of sleep where our bodies “relax” into their default mode of functioning. It is an active, deliberate, and highly synchronous state of brain activity. Think of it as cerebral meditation that provides mental and physical benefits for your brain and body. The BRYTE Bed's temperature algorithms are based on the latest sleep research and help enhance and improve deep sleep.