9 out of 10 Bryte Sleepers say they feel more restored, here's why:

Bryte Other Adjustable Beds
Row by Row Adjustability Up to 90 individual Bryte Balancers adjust across 16 independent zones Typically a single chamber that adjusts
Continuous, Real-Time Adaptation Bryte samples for pressure imbalances up to 64 times a second and makes silent, localized adjustments in firmness to relieve pressure Some beds adjust to maintain general air pressure, but very few actively sense and respond to localized pressure changes in the mattress
Guides You to Your Ideal Comfort Setting How do you know what comfort setting’s right for you? Based on your feedback, Bryte’s Comfort Tailoring process guides you to your ideal setting. Without any guidance, there can be a lot of guesswork in finding the right comfort setting.
Curated Sleep Content for a Faster Transition to Sleep Somnify, Bryte’s library of sleep content, hosts over 20 experiences that are purposefully designed to help you fall asleep or unwind. It’s an extra tool to help combat lying awake at night. Most beds rely solely on being comfortable to help you fall asleep.
AI-Powered Sleep Coach Sleep Concierge harnesses the power of Restorative AI™ to intuitively engage in conversational problem solving based on your prompts. Most sleep coaching doesn’t go beyond programmed recommendations.