Actively puts you to sleep

Somnify guides you to sleep with a multi-sensory experience of soothing, otherworldly physical sensations syncronised audio.

Choose from an ever-expanding library of compositions including guided meditation, soundscapes and music, each paired within unique motion.


Stops you waking mid-cycle

Bryte's core of up to 90 rebalancers sense any pressure imbalances that could disturb your sleep and actively adjust within seconds with silent precision.

Dual Comfort Tailoring

Personalized comfort for each side of the mattress

Bryte’s Dual Comfort Tailoring allows you and your partner to personalize support settings on each side of the bed. Bryte guides you in finding your ideal comfort (from 20 grades of soft to firm) based on your unique attributes and sleeping preference.

And more

Sleep Insights

Track and understand your sleep duration, efficiency, sleep stage composition and recovery.

Silent Wake Assist

Wake refreshed with a gentle motion that rises in intensity until you wake.

Over-the-air updates

New content, features and benefits pushed to your bed regularly.

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Owner Reviews

Jet Lag Resolved

"This bed has changed my life for good. I have always struggled with falling asleep, especially after a long trip from Asia back to America with jet lag. Before this bed, I could stay in bed for hours before falling asleep, but with the Somnify function of the bed, I fell asleep within 15 min, even with jet lag from Asia."
- Amy

A new step forward in bedding technology

The sleep monitoring technology is very useful and accurate. The Somnify function has a lot of great choices to help you fall asleep faster, and the tailored comfort function works better than any other adjustable bed on the market.

Great bed with great features

"Bed is very comfortable and really enjoy the features that encourage sleeping (Somnify) and waking (Silent Wake Assist). The app is clear and simple to use. Overall, we're thrilled with our purchase!"

Serving luxury hotels & wellness resorts

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Including Lifetime Bryte Membership

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