The BRYTE BED, AI-Powered Platform that Adjusts to Optimize Sleep, Now Shipping

Dynamically Tailors Support, Temperature, and Environment; Learns and Improves Each Night

April 3, 2019 – Los Altos, CA – After four months of pre-orders, BRYTE has begun shipping its first consumer product, the BRYTE Bed. Offering the most comprehensive, hyper-personalized sleep platform ever created, the BRYTE Bed senses each individual user and can dynamically adjust throughout the night in order to optimize each stage of sleep. Unlike other products that only allow manual adjustment of temperature or firmness, the BRYTE Bed senses pressure points and body temperature, using AI to make unobtrusive changes throughout the night. The AI learns every night, making it the only bed on the market that improves as it is used.

“Every person sleeps differently, and every person’s sleep is different night after night. The idea that a static mattress would work for every person, every night, is unreasonable,” says John Tompane, co-founder and CEO of BRYTE. This realization led the BRYTE team to research how each individual factor of our bed and environment can impact our sleep, and how modern technology can be utilized to perfect these factors for each individual user.

Sensors within the BRYTE Bed measure the user’s sleep quality, weight distribution, pressure points, body temperature, and the overall sleep environment, which are processed by an internal computer system. One hundred coils within sixteen individual zones of the bed can be adjusted using an innovative noiseless pneumatics system, keeping the user comfortable, and more importantly, working to keep them asleep throughout the night. The system is so dynamic that it can even understand to create varied support for the shoulders and back versus the base of the spine, based on the needs of each individual user. And, dual-sides functionality for couples means each individual gets the exact temperature and dynamic support they need.

The BRYTE Bed can also connect to other smart home products in order to cohesively control the user’s sleep experience, beginning with room lighting and temperature. A subtle lulling motion of the bed with the dimming of the lights can bring a user to sleep. To wake the user up, simultaneously raising the lights and a gentle increase in body temperature imitates a natural sunrise.

“There is research showing that, if you drop the core body temperature of a person by 1-2°C during the first two cycles of sleep in a night, you can increase deep sleep up to 40%,” says Dr. Matt Walker, Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science and Lead Sleep Science Advisor for BRYTE. “Technology has the potential to assess the exact condition of each individual’s needs and optimize their sleep. The ultimate goal would be to adapt to the nuances of how these needs change each night.” Walker has worked closely with BRYTE engineers to integrate sleep science research into the BRYTE Bed experience, including the development of a comprehensive sleep assessment to help people identify how the individual factors in their environment affect their sleep.

The BRYTE Bed’s intelligence is channeled into the AIDEN Sleep Service, an application that acts as your AI-driven personal sleep expert. AIDEN processes each user’s unique sleep preferences and requirements, and based on the latest sleep science and machine learning algorithms, AIDEN powers the BRYTE Bed to monitor and optimize your sleep environment throughout the night to improve your sleep quality. AIDEN even prepares your bed every night around your typical sleep time, and personalizes your wake up experience. Through AIDEN and the BRYTE mobile app, users can also make adjustments as needed or set preferences for the bed and sleep environment.

Personal data remains completely anonymous to maintain absolute privacy, while collective data is anonymized and aggregated in order to further BRYTE’s sleep research and improve the sleep quality of BRYTE Bed users. The results will lead to further improvements and features in the product through regular software updates. While normal beds decrease in quality each night you use them, the BRYTE Bed will actually improve in quality the longer it is used.

While other technology-enabled beds require visible machinery, the BRYTE Bed is designed to look conventional; all of the bed’s technology is elegantly hidden inside, with a layer of specialized latex-free luxury hybrid foam to provide a natural top-feel and added comfort. BRYTE is also offering high-quality sheets and pillows to further enhance the sleep experience.

The BRYTE Bed starts at $5950, offering white glove delivery with installation, and a 365 day trial period for customers to try the system risk-free.

BRYTE has a storefront in Seattle and will be hosting pop-ups in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles over the coming months to offer in-person trials and purchases. The bed can also be purchased directly online from, with a full line of duvets, comforters, pillows and sleep accessories available to enhance the overall sleep experience.


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