BRYTE Combines Sleep Science and AI to Completely Reinvent How We Sleep

Team of AI, sleep science, and product experts unite to deliver the world’s first self-learning bed — a fully integrated sleep platform that learns, adapts, and improves your sleep over time

LOS ALTOS, Calif. (PRWEB) January 23, 2019


BRYTE™ has landed today and is on a mission to transform the $45 billion sleep industry with the world’s first self-learning bed, a breakthrough reinvention that fundamentally improves how we sleep.

“Everyone’s sleep needs are unique and change throughout the night, the year, and over multiple years, and yet nothing on the market addresses this. Now is the time to meet this huge need by integrating AI, sleep science, and the latest bed technologies into a totally new sleep experience,” said BRYTE CEO John Tompane. “We are reinventing how we sleep with the revolutionary BRYTE Bed platform. Like Tesla, Apple, and Nest, we reimagined an everyday, taken-for-granted, commodity into an entirely new platform — transforming it into a seamless, intuitive experience that will have a meaningful impact on the industry, people’s sleep, and their lives.”

Lack of sleep is “a public health epidemic”

Sleep is one of our most fundamental biological needs. It’s foundational to our wellness, productivity, and happiness. Sleep scientists recommend eight hours’ sleep every night, but most of us are not getting enough sleep. One in two people struggle with sleep at least once a week, and four out of five adults say they wish they slept better. In fact, the CDC has declared, “Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic.”

Professor Matthew Walker is BRYTE’s lead sleep science advisor and author of The New York Times bestseller, “Why We Sleep” [1]. He is professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and the founder and director of the Center for Human Sleep Science. His research examines the impact of sleep on human brain function in healthy and diseased populations. To date, he has published more than 100 scientific research studies.

“After thirty years of intensive sleep research we’ve found that the leading causes of disease and death in developed nations—diseases that are crippling health-care systems such as heart disease, obesity, dementia, diabetes, and cancer—all have recognized causal links to a lack of sleep,” said Dr. Walker. “The number of sleep cycles, the duration of sleep, and when sleep occurs have all been comprehensively distorted by modernity. Humans are not sleeping the way nature intended. Sleep is the chief nourisher in life’s feast, and we are sorely deprived in this banquet.”

The BRYTE formula: sleep science + AI + the perfect sleep environment

The BRYTE bed, the result of five years of research and development, aims to make a perfect night’s sleep a reality for all of us. Driven by AIDEN™, an AI-driven personal sleep concierge, the BRYTE bed is the first sleep platform that actually learns and improves your sleep night after night.

AIDEN crafts a personalized sleep environment by measuring sleep quality, integrating user feedback, and then learning, adjusting and customizing the ideal sleep environment — including temperature, localized body support, and light. It works equally well for couples and solo sleepers, and it doesn’t require a wearable sensor. The BRYTE Bed is a fully integrated design with built-in heating/cooling, sensors, and active coils that dynamically adjust support throughout the night. AIDEN prepares the bed and room to help the BRYTE user fall asleep faster. Once the user is asleep, AIDEN takes care of the rest.

“Machine learning and sleep science form the heart of AIDEN,” said Jonathan Farringdon, CTO, co-founder of BRYTE and leading industry expert in artificial intelligence and data science. “Our close collaboration with Prof. Walker has resulted in proprietary learning algorithms that are grounded in the latest sleep science research. At scale, we believe our novel approach will enable insights and breakthroughs in sleep quality that haven’t been possible before.”

“We’ve combined design aesthetics that embrace the comforts you crave with our expertise in technology and advanced sleep science to create the world’s first truly intelligent sleep platform,” added Tompane. “BRYTE is the only bed that helps you fall asleep quickly, keeps you asleep, wakes you with energy, and learns and improves night after night.”

Where to get the BRYTE bed 
Order online at 
Experience it: Bellevue Square Mall, 234 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004 
Pre-orders: December – February, $100 deposit, shipping early Spring 
Delivery: Lug-free, worry-free, delivered to your door. Includes set-up and removal of old mattress.

What people say about the BRYTE bed 
“This is amazing, this bed is so comfortable” 
“I think what makes the bed so comfortable is the ability to adjust the firmness, so it feels like I’m supported” 
“This technology is amazing - it’s literally customized to every move” 
“The experience is like getting into the perfect bed” 
“If I had to explain what that experience is like, I would say just for me”

About BRYTE 
Based in Silicon Valley, BRYTE™ is a direct-to-consumer sleep-technology company that delivers products for your home that learn, nurture, and care for you. BRYTE is founded by an experienced team passionate about harnessing technology to help reunite humanity with sleep. To learn more, visit and follow us at @sleepbryte.

[1] WHY WE SLEEP: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams, by Dr. Matthew Walker, Scribner